News Release


President Obasanjo inaugurated the diagnostic centre in February this year.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria, visited the Centre to carry out his routine medical examination.

He was full of praises for the Centre’s world-class facilities and the top quality services he received, commending the efforts of the Centre’s management in ensuring that the medical staff and equipment were equipped to meet world diagnostic standards.

Obasanjo, who had various laboratory, optical and radiological procedures carried out on him, noted that Nigerians no longer have to travel abroad for medical tourism.

His words: “The same things you can get anywhere in the world are available in Bayelsa. Why do you have to travel? Wherever we get best practices, let’s spread it.

“When l was here in February, l saw the standard of the facilities that could be used by all Nigerians. There is no need for us to go to Dubai, United Kingdom or America for medical checkups.

“I went through all the medical checks that l would normally have gone through anywhere. The eye, the mouth, the head and the doctor showed me what my brains looked like.

“When l looked at it, he said my brain is clean and clear and l said, it means my head is correct. The cost is reasonable and the services are superb. So, whatever people are going to Dubai, India, America, UK, Saudi Arabia for, is here in Bayelsa.”