Optometry is a healthcare profession concerned with examination, diagnosis and treatment of the human visual system. In our aging population the demand for eye care is expected to increase, and optometrists are ideally placed to help meet this demand. BDC provides a high-performance instrument for our clents. The tools used by Optometrists might seem intimidating to a regular person, and for this reason, many avoid or consistently delay their regular checkups with an eye doctor. However, these devices are painless, efficient, and extremely accurate in diagnosing the eye’s health status.

Optometry Facility

Clinical Chemistry

Clinical optometry deals with clinical aspects of eyes and their related problems. Optometrist uses optometer for vision measurement. Clinical optometry also considers medical subdivisions like neurology, ophthalmology for further treatment when the case is complicated and transmitted to other organs.

Visual Optics

We investigate the system of the human eye with the aim of improving peripheral vision for people with central visual field loss. Visual optics is the science of how the optics of the eye forms an image that is then detected and interpreted by the retina and the brain. The field has advanced fast during the last decade due to the advent of wavefront sensing and adaptive optics correction. The visual optics group at BDC plays a central role in developing these techniques for the off-axis optical errors of the human eye and for psychophysical evaluation of the peripheral visual function