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Pathology is the branch of medicine that deals primarily with the examination of organs, tissues, and body fluids to aid in the diagnosis of disease.

At BDC we offer the following range of Pathology services :

Clinical Chemistry

At BDC, we offer our clients the best in pathological services.
Our pathological process at BDC all samples that are collected from our clients are thoroughly examined so the right diagnosis can be made. Our state-of- the-art equipment aid in ensuring that the results of client examinations are accurate and received in record time.

BDC offers a complete menu of pathology tests in its laboratory we also provide a wide range of diagnostic assays covering. The fully automated lab features include:

  • Barcoding of every tube
  • Zero-contact’ collection in vacutainer
  • Processing on automated track
  • Direct interfacing of results from equipment to reporting software – LIS.